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Gifted children view the world through a lens that is simply different from their peers.  From an early age they feel different.  They learn and retain information on the first exposure in many cases and find it frustrating to sit and wait for others to understand.  They think abstractly, logically, and are insightful.  They enjoy complex problems, they may organize people, or things, into complex systems or structures.  They tend to be more intense in everything they do.  Many set very high standards, are perfectionistic, and become profoundly disappointed, stressed or upset if they fail to measure up to their own expectations.  

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Seeking help with healthy coping strategies that work is beneficial now, and as you continue to change and transition through life as a gifted individual.  Early intervention will provide "tools" that are accessible during these stressful times.

I am here to help you find happiness, discover more about yourself as a gifted person, and find balance in your life.


If  I'm so smart why am I not able to find ways to be happy?

I'm no use to others unless I am helping them with their problems.

Why do I feel like I have no friends?  They don't have fun around me?

I'm stupid - not gifted.

Why do I feel like I have to be perfect?  

I can't get rid of these thoughts that keep ruminating in my head.

Why am I so sensitive - the same things don't bother others.

Why am I so worried about the environment, global changes,  the end of animal species, etc...?

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